Ask The Doctor! Sex Before Marriage, "Is One Religion As Good As Another," And "How Can We Know What Happens After We Die?"

Mailbag I Rahab's Lie, Who Created God, Spiritual Growth, And "What Does Jesus Look Like?" 

Mailbag II Can Christians Have "Luck" And The Consequences Of Sin 

Mailbag III Dating And "Are There Such Things As Ghosts?" 

Mailbag IV "Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayers," "Aren't Certain Styles Of Christian Music Inappropriate" And "Why Do Christians Say Hurtful Things?" 

Mailbag V "Forgive & You Will Be Forgiven," "Hating Your Parents" And "What Does Unequally Yoked Mean?" 

Mailbag VI Non-Christian Friends And Music 

Mailbag VII Spiritual Gifts And "Is Meditation Ok?" 

Mailbag VIII Body Piercing For Christians And "Can The Devil Read Our Thoughts?" 

Mailbag IX Hearing From God 

Mailbag X The Lord's Prayer And "Who Were Those Three Wise Men Who Visited Jesus As An Infant?" 

Mailbag XI How Could An Evil Spirit From The Lord Torment King Saul? 

Mailbag XII Dealing With "Problem People" 

Mailbag XIII "I'm The Only Christian In My Family" And "What Is Fasting All About?" 

Mailbag XIV "Have I Committed The Unpardonable Sin?" 

Mailbag XV "I've Been Feeling Lonely And Depressed Lately"

Mailbag XVI "I've Been Doing Something Sexually Inappropriate On The Internet" 

Mailbag XVII "My Parents Are Overprotective" And "Is It Alright To Be A Goth?" 

Mailbag XVIII "'Praying Without Ceasing' Vs. 'Vain Repetitions'" 

Mailbag XIX "'Is It Ungodly To Listen To Secular Music'?"

Mailbag XX "'How Can We Trust The Bible When It Was Written By Human Beings" And "We Can't Know For Sure If People Of Other Religions Aren't Going To Heaven" 

Mailbag XXI "'I Don't Feel Like I Have A Close Relationship With God- Does That Mean That I'm Not Saved?" 

The Doctor is not a real doctor but he plays one on the Internet. E-Mail prescriptions are also available on an individual basis.

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Except as indicated, all Scriptural references taken from The Living Bible, 1971, Tyndale House Publishers

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