doctrine (dŏk/trĭn) n. a body of beliefs about God, man, Christ, the church, and other related concepts considered authoritative and thus worthy of acceptance by all members of the community of faith (1)

The Big 10  The 10 Commandments 

Making Contact  Prayer 

The Verse on the Banner  John 3:16 

Justified   Justification 

Somebody Else's Mistake  Original Sin 

(Un)Pardon Me  The Unpardonable Sin 

What God Wants  Being Accepted by God 

Gimme the Works?  Faith Vs. Works 

The Bad News  The Reality of Hell 

Having It All  The Need For Salvation

What Do You Know?  The "Foolishness" Of God's Decisions 

The Agreement  The Old And New Covenants 

First Place  What Worship Really Means 

Taking Steps  Walking In The Spirit  

Living By The Book  Lessons From The Apostle Paul's Relationship With The Thessalonians  

The Faith That Saves  Faith And Eternal Security  

The Reality  Does God Really Exist?  

Truth Or Consequences   Is There Such A Thing As Absolute Truth? 

Born Again  What Does It Mean To Be "Born Again"? 


(1) Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Copyright 1986, Thomas Nelson Publishers

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Except as indicated, all Scriptural references taken from The Living Bible, 1971, Tyndale House Publishers

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